Crimson Red

While exploring new mediums in art, I started noticing certain colors I had previously denied and avoided. Reds, oranges, yellows and golds. Bold colors that actually remind me of my sensual and deep feminine essence.  /////////  When did I start avoiding those colors? I remember that feeling of shame for my curves when a high school male teacher commented to the class how wearing the color red makes people look I was sitting there wearing my sweet new red graphic tee that I had cut open for off shoulder, totally loving myself in it moments before. Ironically the shirt's message is "the best kept secret is the one you don't know about" witty and deep.  /////////   That shame I felt for my curves cursed the color red for me. I always avoided red lipstick because my lips are thin, I have a hard time even finding a beautiful word to describe them with because all I hear is the negative words I have uttered them in. 

Recognizing that wound.

The deep crimson color that flows forth from me.

That "Carrie" style shame of the flowing river that comes forth life.

The waters that we all came from.

Wearing this color allows me the opportunity to feel fully into myself and release that shame I held around my body, which manifested in physical weight. Feeling into my curves releases the rose within me to bloom.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I must love myself before I can love you.

Love, Karissa

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