Unfolding My Wings

Many layers shedding, my muchness unfolding. I am recognizing beliefs that no longer serve me. Barriers I built, holding myself a certain way, to project the Karissa I think the world wants to see. Authenticity has been knocking on my door, reminding me my truth, my beauty, my body, my art, my words are all perfectly my expression, my unique fractal of glory and light.

I found myself afraid of being seen. Afraid of being seen in all my glory as I tune in to my body, feeling and releasing all that no longer serves me. Stretching out my body, feeling areas of tension, allowing memories to bubble up. Memories of shame and guilt and fear of rejection. Releasing these physical holdings while fully surrendering and diving deeper into that emotional wound. Feeling deeper and deeper, like the strange feeling of pressing on a bruise. Yet there is comfort in welcoming back this part I had ignored for so long. Recognizing the numbness I had held on to, now feeling the rush of blood, igniting the light to shine bright once again.

I see the beauty of my body. I feel the length my body can make, fully expanding and taking space. Allowing my breath to deepen, expanding my belly as my chest exhales moans of relief, my body resonating and releasing. Connecting to my natural responses, not holding back anything that comes up. 

I am here to be seen. I am here to be heard. I am here to share the beauty that resonates within me, as me and comes from me. 

I commissioned another beautiful artist to paint my unfolding. Seeing my body as a beautiful piece of art and sharing it with the world is part of my healing, acceptance and celebration of my body. Loving my body, feeding it food that fuels me and moving in my own flow has allowed me to shed 60 lbs of fear that manifested when I forgot how much I love my body.

I am thankful for all of its glory. 

Stretching my wings now, ready to fly, admiring my beauty as I soar high in the sky.

Love, Karissa

- Painting by @artnsoulbysarah 

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