Workin' w/ whatchu got!


I found myself dreaming of my art studio, making excuses for why I wasn't creating now, because I don't have the "space" and yet allowing that excuse to keep me from what I ENJOY DOING. So, I pushed some things aside and allowed this old desk to soak up the excess love and colors that sometimes bleed off the page. Using the space I have. Using the tools I have. Allowing the flow to unfold.
What area's of your life are you making excuses that keep you from doing what you enjoy doing?
It's time to use our imaginations again, and use our resources like that magical tools of creation they are. I know the big studio with TONS of flat space to lay out painting and be able to switch back and forth between paintings IS COMING. And oh how excited I am to have that space to create! BUT that can't take away from where I am now. Enjoying what I can create now in this tighter space. Growth, abundance and expansion are unfolding in my life like the beautiful petals unraveling from the rose. At first, a bit compressed, but oh boy look at her when she blossoms. I'm ready to bloom.

Love, Karissa

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