Chakra Lotus and Lava Stone Necklace
Chakra Lotus and Lava Stone Necklace
Chakra Lotus and Lava Stone Necklace

Chakra Lotus and Lava Stone Necklace

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Crystal and Lava Stone Diffuser Pendant

Crystal: Chakra Crystals and Lava Stone

Chakra Crystals - Connecting with each of the chakras for alignment and harmony.

Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger. Add a drop of essential oil for wearable diffusing! Learn more about essential oils here!

Pendant Size: 1.5”

Necklace Material & Length: 16” Braided Chord and Silver Chain


Reiki Charged by Master Reiki Practitioner-Karissa Love

What is “reiki charged”?

Reiki is basically chi or energy. With focused intent on the frequency of LOVE these crystals are charged to help elevate your vibration!

Learn more about Reiki here!


Free gift of 5ml Common Sense Essential Oil blend!

Retail Value: $48.68!!!

Young Living's Common Sense™ essential oil blend is a proprietary blend of Young Living essential oils formulated to be diffused when making decisions to help create a focusing environment. 


Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) resin oil,Cananga odorata† (Ylang ylang) flower oil,Ocotea quixos† (Ocotea) leaf oil, Solidago canadensis† (Goldenrod) flower/leaf/stem extract, Ruta graveolens† (Rue) oil, Hyptis suaveolens† (Dorado azul) seed oil, Citrus aurantifolia† (Lime) oil

†100% pure essential oil